MNP studio, created in 2003 and based in Athens, Greece. Specialized in communication design, packaging, web design and publishing. Works awarded and published in Greece and abroad.


Katerina Papanagiotou was born in Greece, in the 70s. She has studied in TEI Graphic Design School in Athens (BA) She has worked in advertising in Athens, obtaining many distinctions at the Annual Ermis awards for companies such as Karamella, Lindas Lowe Athens and Upset in Athens. She has also taught packaging design at Vakalo School of Art & Design, Athens from 2005 until 2009.


Stefanos Andreadis was born in England, in the 80’s. He has studied in Vakalo School of art & design (BA) in Athens. He has worked at Red Design Consultants, Athens.


Laios Papazolou was born in Greece, in the 90’s. He has studied in Vakalo School of art & design (BA) and in Athens TEI, Department of Graphic Arts Technology (BA).

Ioanna Pitsilidou

Ioanna Pitsilidou was born in Athens in the mid 80’s. She studied at the American College of Greece, History of Art (BA). She has worked in Deste Foundation of Contemporary Art from 2010 until 2013 and she was involved in various artistic projects.