Goethe Institut Athen

Lessons of Leaking, Poster, 2016

A group of young artists from Germany by the name machina eX created the act of Lessons of Leaking in order to depict the moral controversies and the priorities between democracy, transparency, freedom of speech and political actions. Machina eX in association with the writer Dmitrij Gawrisch, developed a game with theatrical elements, where political ideals collide with the personal interests of an individual. The audience attends a political thriller and has to decide on various matters, like: Should we leak a sensitive information or not? We actually used the core of the act to create our designs, regarding the leak or not of an information. So, the title of the event is deleted with black spray, but still you can distinguish the information. It is up to you if you are going to leak it or not. The visual result is basically introducing the act to the audience and give a bit of a hint about it. The visuals have been applied to poster, banner, digital communication, video, social media.

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