Piraeus Bank

Piraeus Bank Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report 2016, Annual Report, 2017

“A new day for the world. Scheduled to last 24 hours, destined to be the day after yesterday, the day before tomorrow. Rising with new light, new colours. And a new century for Piraeus Bank. One hundred years of such new days, successive beginnings every 24 hours, whose colours set the tone and chart a course that is steady, a bright course – almost dazzling. And tomorrow, we will be here again, full of admiration for whatever dawns, ready to start the next day, the next future.”

Ermis Awards 2018 / GoldErmis Awards 2018 / Graphic Design Golden Award

More work for Piraeus Bank: Font / 2016, Packaging / 2015, Annual Report / 2015, Annual Report / 2016, Brand Implementation / 2013, Logo / 2013, Packaging / 2016
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